Les Cousins Vermouth Donzell

26,90 CHF
The Vermouth Les Cousins ​​Donzell is from two cousins ​​who, after studying viticulture and staying in France and overseas, founded

Vermouth Rocks

34,90 CHF
The company On The Rocks located in Vimbodi, (alt Camp) produces this delicious Vermouth, starting from an old recipe and

Vermouth Yzaguirre Blanco

24,90 CHF
Yzaguirre Blanco Vermouth made by Celler Sort del Castell. Made following the traditional method of the old production houses born

Vermouth Yzaguirre Rojo

24,90 CHF
Vermouth Yzaguirre Rojo Clásico: It is made from white wines from different Spanish areas. Then, more than 80 varieties of

Kombucha Hiru

29,10 CHF
A new fizzy delicious drink, low in alcohol, for the modern lifestyle! Ama pét-nat tea is a new fine-aged low

Kombucha Bat

33,90 CHF
A new fizzy delicious drink, low in alcohol, for the modern lifestyle! Ama pét-nat tea is a delicious new fine-aged

Estrella Galicia Botellín 6x

7,20 CHF
Born in 1972 as “Especial Rivera”, Estrella Galicia Cerveza Especial is an independent and family-owned brewery. Estrella Galicia is produced

Bonanto Aperitivo

29,90 CHF
Bonanto is the result of a selection of more than 30 botanicals carefully chosen and macerated at their aromatic peak.

The classic Padró Vermouth four-bottle gift crate

109,90 CHF
The wooden crate containing our four classic Padró & Co. vermouths makes the perfect gift for vermouth-lovers and special occasions.

Vermouth Padró Blanco

26,90 CHF
At the end of the 19th century, wines from Tarragona enjoyed great prestige internationally. At that time, our Padró ancestors

Vermouth Padró Rojo

24,90 CHF
The making and selling of vermouth in Catalonia, has been documented since the second half of the nineteenth century. At

Mini Celestino Liquor Lemon

14,90 CHF
This is Federica’s take on limoncello, the product that got them thinking about producing an orange style liquor, for which