La Dalia Sweet Smoked Paprika

5,90 CHF
Made using traditional methods that date back 100 years, La Dalia takes tradition and quality seriously. Their paprika is made

Ben Bo Wine Salt Flakes

7,50 CHF
BenBO Flake Salt comes from the purest waters of the Mediterranean and is a gourmet salt with crunchy texture and

benBO Saffron

7,10 CHF
Spanish Saffron Quality Gourmet glass jars. benBO selects the highest quality saffron directly from the harvesters to ensure maximum purity.

benBO Himalayan Pink Salt

7,10 CHF
The Himalayan Pink Salt comes from the Khewra mines. This pink salt is rich in iron to which it owes

benBO Black Truffle Salt Flakes

10,70 CHF
The black truffle benBO salt scale is elaborated in an artisan way with Mediterranean salt coming from the coast of