Tomate Frito ‘Cortijo de Sarteneja’

5,60 CHF
Fried Tomato Sauce cultivated in Las Vegas (Extremadura). This gourmet fried tomato sauce recipe is the one my grandmother used

Espinaler Salsa Brava

6,70 CHF
Espinaler’s brava sauce is perfect with fries. It is a delicious sauce with intense spicy flavor, made by a homemade

Espinaler Appetizer Sauce

7,50 CHF
Salsa Espinaler is a perfect sauce to accompany appetizers, it is perfect for cockles, clams and chips. Made with high-quality

Squid Ink Conservas de Cambados

9,90 CHF
The squid ink is the product obtained from natural cuttlefish bags. This will stain your best recipes with their characteristic

Ketchup Bio ‘Cortijo de Sarteneja’

7,50 CHF
Organic Ketchup from Extremadura. Made in an artisan way, prepared by cooking its ingredients, until reaching the required consistency and

Pasta Sauce ‘Cortijo de Sarteneja’

6,80 CHF
We love pasta! But carefully made pasta with high quality ingredients. That is why we add this Pasta Sauce, traditionally

Espinaler Salsa All i Oli

6,70 CHF
Prepared like it is homemade, the Allioli Espinaler maintains the traditional recipe of homemade aioli and that is why it