Espinaler Appetizer Sauce

7,50 CHF
Salsa Espinaler is a perfect sauce to accompany appetizers, it is perfect for cockles, clams and chips. Made with high-quality

Espinaler “Pimientos del Piquillo” Whole Peppers

9,90 CHF
The Peppers of Piq Lodosa roasted, peeled and ready to fill. At Espinaler we give you all the facilities to

Espinaler Olives stuffed Anchovy

3,90 CHF
Espinaler’s Olives “of the variety chamomile Fine Extra category” filled with anchovy paste are a classic for their size and

José Lou Whole Garlic with Olive Oil

9,10 CHF
Whole Garlic Cloves with Virgin Olive Oil, seasoned with aromatic herbs, by Jose Lou. These whole garlic cloves are carefully

Espinaler Artichokes 12/14pcs

12,90 CHF
Try the Espinaler artichoke hearts! Delicious and tender artichoke hearts ideal to share with your friends or family for an

José Lou Campesino green Olives

7,90 CHF
Jose Lou, located in Aragon, has been producing the finest olives from around Spain using traditional methods since the 1930s.

José Lou Manzanilla Olive Pâté

5,50 CHF
This ‘Manzanilla’ Olive Pâté by Jose Lou is made with only the best green olives, harvested at just the right

José Lou Black Olive Pâté

5,50 CHF
One of Jose Lou’s top products is the ‘Empletre’ black olive, from the region of Aragon (Spain). Therefore, they have

José Lou Campo Real green Olives

6,20 CHF
Whole Green Olives of the ‘Campo Real’ variety, seasoned with aromatic herbs, by Jose Lou. These dark green olives are

José Lou Abuela stuffed green Olives

5,10 CHF
Immerse yourself in a sea of sensations with our grandma’s stuffed green olives. They gather the best olives and high-quality