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Alma Atlantico Rosé

15,90 CHF
Fresh and breezy Altlántico rosé wine!

Viña Magna Roble D.O.P.

26,90 CHF
A concentrated and amiable Ribera de Duero, with black fruit and a spicy base note!

La Dalia Sweet Smoked Paprika

5,90 CHF
Made using traditional methods that date back 100 years, La Dalia takes tradition and quality seriously. Their paprika is made

Nobleza del Sur Extra Virgin Olive Oil Night

29,90 CHF
Produced from a selected blend of extra virgin olive oils from olives harvested on the private family estate of Nobleza

Wint & Lila

49,90 CHF
Throughout its process, a complex five-distillery-technique, ten botanicals are combined : juniper berry, coriander, angelica, angelica roots, cinnamon, orange peel,

Fonte do Frade Liquor Crema

32,80 CHF
Fonte do Frade Crema is a liquor made from a dairy base. Aromatized with natural substances, where a toffee and

Estrella Galicia Red Vintage

11,40 CHF
Legends that come back to stay. Our brewmasters recoverd one of the old Hijos De Rivera Historic recipes, the “Especial

Estrella Galicia Reserva

10,80 CHF
A Heritage of brewing, crafted for the bold. This beer is made from carefully selected malts and hops of the


61,90 CHF
Our most ambitious project yet. Organic Premium Gin. Macerated with Valencian clementines and distilled in our traditional copper stills. Valencia

Pablo Garrigos Ibáñez Selecta Nougat of Alicante

7,90 CHF
The nougat of Alicante Pablo Garrigos Ibáñez Selecta is composed of selected and toasted almond, wild honey from rosemary of

Ben Bo Wine Salt Flakes

7,50 CHF
BenBO Flake Salt comes from the purest waters of the Mediterranean and is a gourmet salt with crunchy texture and