Our fish and seafood range represents Ultramarinos at its very best. A comprehensive range of tinned seafood and fish, comprising tuna, anchovies, sardines, squid and more!

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Güeyu Mar Mussels

11,30 CHF
Chargrilled with dried eucalyptus wood and canned with pickle created from and the Arbequina de Castillo de Canena brand Extra

Espinaler Mejillones Mussles

7,90 CHF
Mussels are picked up from Galician trays and they are elaborated with an unic pickled sauce, which is made with

Conservas de Cambados “Berberechos” Cockles in Galician Brine

29,90 CHF
Conservas de Cambados’ Cockles from Galicia in Brine “Berberechos” is a gourmet product made from high-quality cockles harvested from the

Don Bocarte Boquerones in Vermouth Vinegar

12,90 CHF
Straight from the region of Cantabria, these delicious marinated anchovies, or Boquerones, are picked for uniformity and deboned by hand

Don Bocarte Anchovies 6/7 pcs.

9,90 CHF
Limited Series Anchovies. Forget all preconceptions you may have of anchovies. You will never find these anchovies on a shelf

Big Barnacle of the Galician Rías Gallegas : Los Peperetes

24,90 CHF
A product that Los Peperetes presents as a novelty, our company is the first to present it in canned form.

Real Conservera Española – “Navajas” Razor Clams from the Galician Asturias in Brine

26,90 CHF
Galician razor clams preserved in brine. Ranked #1 in the 2021 World’s Best Canned Seafood & awarded as 2022 Galicia

Real Conservera Española – Small Squids “Puntillitas” in its ink

22,90 CHF
Baby squid cuttlefish cooked and preserved in its ink. This preserve by Real Conservera is prepared with Patagonian small squids

Real Conservera Española – Galician Natural Sea Scallops 140 gr.

29,90 CHF
Zamburiñas are a kind of small scallop from the Galician Rias and are a high quality gourmet product. Real Conservera’s

Güeyu Mar Chargrilled Sardine Tails in Spicy Pickled Sauce

17,90 CHF
Hand-cut sardines grilled over wood fire and packed in escabeche with a touch of added spice. Hand-cut sardines grilled over

Conservas de Cambados “Navajas” Razor Clams in Brine

21,50 CHF
“Sardinas (Sardinillas) en Aceite de Oliva” So you like sardines? Well then, you’re going to love these. From the shores